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February 2003



TARBS World TV At A Glance


o        Chairman                               Mike Boulos

      Chief Executive Officer       Regina Boulos


o        Business                                Multicultural Subscription TV & Radio Broadcasting

                                                      Marketed globally as TARBS World TV

In Australia TARBS World TV operates through TARBS World TV Australia Pty Limited ABN 32 070 677 717

o        Headquarters                        55 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont, NSW, Australia

o        International Operations     European, headquartered in Greece

                                                      North American, headquartered in USA

o        Staff                                        260 in Australia

o        Target Audience                   More than 25 million multicultural households in Australia/New Zealand, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East


TARBS World TV and associated companies (referred to herein for ease of reference as “TARBS”) are privately-owned companies, established by Mike and Regina Boulos to provide a broad range of digital transmission and broadcast facilities as well as creative and post-production services for television and radio broadcast clients within Australia and internationally. The company was incorporated in 1995 as Television and Radio Broadcasting Services Australia Pty Ltd and renamed TARBS World TV Australia Pty Ltd in 2003.

In 1999, TARBS restructured its activities and commenced operation as a multi-cultural subscription television and radio broadcaster dedicated to serving the unique blend of cultures that exist in Australia.

The business strategy of Mike and Regina Boulos has evolved dramatically and their mission is now totally focused on serving a more expansive goal, which is to deliver quality television and radio programming to non-English speaking multicultural audiences around the world, no matter where they live.

This goal aims to fulfil an undeniable need that exists with multicultural people all over the world, to grow and maintain strong linkages with their cultural heritage. Under the umbrella of TARBS World TV, TARBS is now serving this need on a global scale.


TARBS World TV provides TV viewers and radio listeners with a unique and affordable multi-cultural link to the world. Through TARBS World TV, subscribers can watch popular multi-channel television broadcasts and listen to live radio, 24 hours/day, in a language of their own choice. They also have the opportunity to view and listen to a wide range of premium TV channels and radio stations from around the world including an English-language channel package.

To accomplish this:

o        TARBS has secured long-term distribution rights for quality television and radio programming relevant to the world’s major multicultural communities, as well as rights to supplementary English programming to provide a more complete experience for its viewers. This in turn aids TARBS in broadening the appeal of its services beyond first generation migrants to second and subsequent generations.

o        TARBS has established a global satellite platform and world-class broadcast operations facilities that enable its programming content to be efficiently sourced and distributed anywhere in the world.

o        TARBS is continually developing strong ties with multicultural communities and the customers that it serves, so that it can continually improve and expand the quality and range of its services to various multicultural markets, worldwide.

TARBS’ programming relationships and long-term marketing and distribution rights now extend across government broadcasters in 30 non-English speaking countries around the world. These relationships and arrangements also encompass key private broadcasters in those countries.

TARBS World TV now has operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and during the first quarter of 2003, will extend its direct-to-home satellite services into the USA market, broadcasting initially 52 channels of TARBS World TV direct-to-home throughout the United States.

TARBS World TV aims to grow its global customer base to more than two million subscribers over the next five years.


TARBS World TV’s programming content is sourced and distributed globally through a digital satellite platform that is the largest of its kind in the world for distribution of multicultural programming content.

The TARBS Global Network collectively comprises the following key elements:


A primary Broadcast Operations Centre in Sydney, which serves as the main hub for the operations of TARBS World TV Australia. This centre includes:

o        Video and audio Production and Post-Production Facilities, as well as graphics design and editing suites.

o        A Program Playout Facility for program channels that are compiled offline from tape-based content.

o        A Master Control Room for global network control and monitoring, program playout monitoring and broadcast operations.

o        An Encryption Management Facility for encrypting TARBS’ satellite transmissions and for managing individual subscriber entitlements in real-time, on a global scale.

o        A Subscriber Management System based on leading edge PeopleSoft CRM applications, for managing the delivery of TARBS World Television services in real-time to its global customer base.

o        A Multilingual Call Centre, to support the provision of services to TARBS’ Australian customers. TARBS intends to establish a further multi-lingual call centre in Asia to enable global expansion.


Six C Band transponders on three satellites that provide the Primary TARBS Contribution Feeds for the delivery of TARBS World TV content from around the world into Australia:

o        PAS10 (two 27 MHz C Band transponders) and Thaicom 3 (three 36 MHz C Band transponders) facilitate the transmission of content from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and North and South America.

o        PAS2 (one 54 MHz C Band transponder) facilitate transmission of content from the USA and Asia Pacific.

o        These satellites also act as Primary TARBS Distribution Feeds for the international TVRO market.

o        Additionally, TARBS utilises C Band capacity on the Filipino Mabuhay satellite for distribution in Asia Pacific.

Nine Ku Band transponders on two satellites that deliver direct-to-home broadcast services:

o        PAS8 (five 36 MHz Ku Band transponders) serves the Australian market.

o        Galaxy XR (initially four 36 MHz Ku Band transponders) serves the US market.


Four satellite teleport centres that provide uplinks and downlinks into the various TARBS satellites, and other satellites that interconnect with the TARBS Global Network:

o        Sydney Teleport Centre – this teleport receives contribution feeds from PAS10, Thaicom 3 and PAS2, and uplinks DTH services to PAS8; PAS8 DTH services are also simultaneously delivered to Napa Valley, where selected services are processed and uplinked for distribution to the US market.

o        Athens Teleport Centre – this teleport receives contribution feeds from more than 30 US, European, African and Asian satellites, and uplinks TARBS contribution and distribution feeds to Thaicom 3.

o        Napa Valley Teleport Centre – this teleport receives contribution feeds from Australia and various North American satellites, and uplinks DTH services to Galaxy XR for the US market; the teleport also uplinks certain multilingual programming content sourced from North and South American satellites into contribution feeds to TARBS’ Sydney teleport.

TARBS is also developing and implementing digital video server technology in several of its teleports, as well as digital advertising insert capabilities and digital rights management software to support flexible local content and advertising insertion in services it supplies within each of its DTH markets.

In Australia, TARBS manages a nationwide group of authorised service and installation sub-contractors who are trained to install TARBS reception equipment on residential customer premises as well as undertake service calls to those premises. TARBS also manages its own service and installation team for commercial and Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) customer installations and servicing. TARBS is currently establishing a similar installation contractor management strategy for its operations in the US market.

3.      Tarbs services

Australian DTH Services

During the past year, TARBS has focused on growing its foreign language television and radio channel line-up and in April 2002 expanded its Australian direct-to-home services to 65 channels, delivered 24 hours/day, from 30 different countries around the world.

This programming line-up includes provision for close to 60 foreign language channels and a supplementary package of six English channels (comprising news, sport, children’s and general entertainment programming). An additional five channels of premium-tiered services will include a Pay Per View channel, the Nightmoves adult channel and a premium multi-channel TARBS Movie package.

TARBS’ Australian multicultural service extends across 20 different non-English speaking language groups, segmented into four major linguistic markets as follows:

o        Mediterranean                      Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and Maltese

o        Middle Eastern                     Arabic (Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian), Turkish, Iranian, Armenian

o        Asian                                       Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin), Filipino, Indian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese

o        European                               Balkan Region (Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian), Russian, Polish, German

TARBS is continually strengthening its programming line-up through the addition of locally produced non-English language programs that make its services not only more entertaining but also more relevant to its diverse multicultural Australian audience. Local production is undertaken through TARBS’ in-house creative expertise and production facilities. TARBS also provides creative and post-production services to external clients on a competitive basis.

US DTH Services

A number of TARBS World TV channels are currently available free-to-air in the USA. TARBS will commence full-scale operations in the USA during the first quarter of 2003, and its initial channel line-up will include 40 multicultural channels covering 15 non-English speaking language groups, and an American bouquet of 12 news, sport, movie and general entertainment channels.

International Marketing & Distribution

In Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, TARBS markets individual packages of its foreign language television and radio services to TVRO customers. These customers subscribe to a package of channels in their selected language on a monthly subscription fee basis, paid in advance. TVRO customers supply their own C Band satellite dish and purchase from TARBS the digital satellite set top box and smart card needed to receive the service. TARBS also markets packages of foreign language programming to commercial outlets throughout the world.

Up-to-date information on the company and its service offerings is available on the TARBS website (


TARBS World TV Australia Pty Limited (TARBS)

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